We are now looking for exclusive "VIP in-depth partners" and "VIP strategic partners" who are interested in our products in more than 50 countries around the world.
We will not directly sell in any local market, we will authorize our "VIP strategic partners" for exclusive sales in the local online market.
We focus on reducing the procurement costs of our exclusive "VIP in-depth partners" and "VIP strategic partners". (7IOS)
 - "VIP in-depth Partners", 2.68% - 4.68% lower than market price. (0.6%)
 - "VIP strategic Partners", 5.88% - 8.88% lower than market price. (0.2%)
NOW, We are developing more and more designs for the new year.
Our development team has just completed some new designs, we trust they will be very nice selling in your country, it is our plesure to show you first, we still have more.
We never say we are NO1, we never say we are the top quality. but we believe you will our quality and services so much.

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